Frequently Asked Questions

How are the families chosen?

The families are proposed to us through our friends in Syria. You are also invited to present the stories of any Syrian families you know and who have been affected by this conflict.

What would I receive following the donation I made?

Every month, we shall inform you of the amount of money we have received for each family and we will send you news from the families themselves.
We will also try to send you some photos whenever possible, however, given that Internet access in Syria can be unreliable, we cannot always guarantee we will receive photos.

How are donations fairly distributed between the families?

We have set a maximum donation limit of 1000€ / 1220CHF per family. If this amount is reached before the end of the month we will let you know about another family in need who will ultimately receive your donation.

How do the donations reach the families?

The money reaches the families via friends who live in Syria who have European bank accounts. We transfer the donations into their European accounts and they hand over the equivalent amount in cash to the families in Syria.