Bank Transfer - Switzerland

Coup de Pouce
CCP : 12-385636-0
Geneva 1202
IBAN : CH96 0900 0000 1238 5636 0



Tax Deduction

In Switzerland, every donation is tax deductible up to 20% of net taxable income for employees, and from the net taxable profit on income earned on investments.

At the beginning of the year Coup de Pouce will send you a receipt for the total amount of your donations given during the year if the total amount of these is equal to or more than CHF300.

If we do not yet have your postal address, please send it to us by email.

Annual Subscription

If you would like to become a member of the association by paying an annual subscription of CHF 20, this would help us to cover the small operating costs (i.e. 1.56% for 2017).

In this regard, we would appreciate it if you would advise whether you would like this annual payment of CHF 20 to be deducted from your next donation.  If you do not specify this deduction, of course the total amount of your donation will be submitted to the family in need.